Rose & Oudh Wax Melts

  • Pack of 4 Wax Melts


    *Wax Burner not included

  • Wax melts do not evaporate like candles, the wax can be reused several times over until the smell completely disappears. 


    • Never leave unattend, always burn within sight
    • Keep melted wax away from children & pets
    • Ensure that you do not overfill the bowl of the wax melt burner
    • Do not touch or attempt to move the wax melt burner until it has cooled completely and the wax has solidified
    • Do not use more than one tea light at a time in the wax melt burner 
    • Never add water or fragrance oils to the bowl on the burner
    • Make sure the burner is placed on a stable and even surface while burning
    • Do NOT eat wax melts (no matter how delicious/edible they may look or smell)